Because everything needs designing.

Some recent work

About Viki

I’m a British/American/Dutch freelance graphic designer based in the sunny Costa Brava. I have clients worldwide due to the wonders of technology. With over 30 years’ experience in graphic design and publication design, I do a lot of corporate work but also design for the music industry. I partner with Chase The Ace Design for many projects.

I love my job.

I also play bass and shout in a band. Who knew!?

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Other Stuff I Do

Viki Vortex and the Cumshots

Viki, Steve and Theo mix the influences of 70’s punk, 50’s rockabilly and any other trashy music we love – basically fast, stroppy and loud.

Wr3n Design

My corporate world of publication and graphic design with clients ranging from Nafent Cycling magazine to the United Nations and everything in between.

The Creative Caveman

I also create recipes for my website for fresh, low carb, gluten-free cooking with strange combinations of food like pork and blueberries. Yes, really.

VDoubleU Jewellery

I make jewellery by melting things & hitting stuff with a hammer. Gets me away from the computer screen. I rarely hit that with a hammer.

The Lazy Lemur

Sometimes I have ideas for tshirts or stickers or whatever usually music or cycling related, so I set this up with Redbubble.

Khaos Kitty

This is Steve’s website where he shows off his fantastic sewing skills from tarten trousers to handbags to bicycle bags to fun fur coats.